License: GPL
Activity Rating: Low

Window Maker, by Alfredo Kojima, is a window manager that emulates the NeXT interface, like AfterStep, but a cleaner approach has been taken instead of adding to Fvwm as AfterStep did.

Features of Window Maker include:

Here are some setups with screenshots. WindowMaker is configured through a number of files contained in a Window Maker directory, typically ~/gnustep/Library/WindowMaker, so the setups are provided in the form of a tar.gz package of the files from this directory that have been changed from the default.

See the Official Window Maker site for more information. There is also plenty of Window Maker information on all of these pages:

There are many small applications available which are designed to be dragged in the Dock. These include WMLoad and WMMon which are load meters like xload, WMRack, a fully functional CD Player, WMnet, a network monitor, and WMmail, an xbiff stype mail notifier. These, and many others, are also available from the The Dockapp Warehouse

Also of possible interest is neXtaw, a replacement library for the Athena (libXaw) widget set, written by the author of Window Maker.