[MWM]   Motif Window Manager

License: Open Group Public License (Open Motif)
Activity Rating: Low

Note: The Open Group has now released the freely available Open Motif, which is a complete Motif release containing the Motif library and the MWM window manager. See the Open Motif Portal and The MotifZone for more information.

This is the Motif Window Manager, which is part of the commerical OSF Motif distribution. Some like the fact that it is customized through the use of standard X resource files. However, fvwm can be configured to look the same, and also provides a virtual desktop and many useful modules.

If you have a commerical UNIX workstation, you may already have Motif and MWM, but otherwise you would have to buy it separately. There is, however, a free Motif clone in development, which includes its own version of MWM. See the LessTif home page for more details.

Here are some example configuration files, with screenshots: