License: GPL
Activity Rating: High

Fvwm, developed by Robert Nation, was once dominant in the window manager stakes, especially in the Linux community. It borrows heavily from Tom LaStrange's famous twm window manager, which was the first ICCCM-compliant window manager to be written.

Fvwm was designed to minimize memory consumption, provide a 3-D look (similar to from Motif's mwm) and provide a simple virtual desktop. Functionality can be enhanced by the use of various modules.

There are a number of web sites with further information about fvwm:

Here are some example configuration files, with mainly 1152x900 screenshots. The configuration files should be renamed to .fvwmrc, in the top level of your home directory. They are all for version 1.xx of fvwm, and are not compatible with fvwm 2.xx.

Here are some setups for version 2 of fvwm. They should either be called .fvwm2rc or fvwmrc, depending on how fvwm2 was configured.

The latest version (official or beta) of fvwm is available for download from the official site.