The GNU Network Object Model Environment

License: GPL / LGPL
Activity Rating: High

The GNOME (pronounced "Gah-NOME") project's aim is to build a complete, user-friendly desktop based entirely on free software. It is not a window manager, and in fact has to be run in conjunction with a window manager. GNOME has advanced rapidly and is now very popular, particularly on the Linux platform.

The site to go to for all GNOME information and downloads is The GNOME website. Other sites of interest include:

As mentioned above, GNOME has to be run alongside a traditional window manager. This is typically Sawfish, which is in fact shipped with GNOME. Any window manager can be used, but if that window manager is not GNOME-aware, you will lose some functionality. Enlightenment and Icewm are other GNOME-aware window managers.

Here are some screenshots from old GNOME 1.x releases:

And here are some screenshots from GNOME 2 releases:

Many more screenshots are available from the GNOME Project website.

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