License: GPL
Activity Rating: Low

Scwm is the Scheme Constraints Window Manager. It is a highly dynamic and extensible window manager and scripting facility for the X Window System. It was originally based on fvwm2, but has since been enhanced with Guile Scheme as the configuration and extension language. Nearly all of the decorations can be changed at runtime or on a per-window basic, and eventually many decoration styles and additional features will be supported through dynamically loaded code. A powerful protocol is provided for interacting with the window manager whilst it is running.

Some of the key features of Scwm are:

The code is fairly portable and is known to work on a large number of platforms.

For further information and downloads, see the Official SCWM site.

Here is a screenshot (129k) of Scwm, showing different decorations being used at the same time. More screenshosts are available from the official site.