April 2011

On Thursday 14th April to Sunday 17th April 2011, I went home to visit my parents; to celebrate my 28th Birthday, and just to be away from Southampton. On Saturday afternoon, I went walking from Swyre to Burton Bradstock, and took random photographs.

Click on the following for a larger version:

The view from the start of the walk; note that that's not the sky, it's the sea as well, but it's so grey it's hard to tell.

The view of the field to the right of "field1" -- note the slightly inclined valley.

Finally, with myself planted on the shingle beach below, the weather somewhat grey and squinty, there's some waves hitting the beach.

Some more waves hitting the beach.

A path just off the beach, through some trees which looked nice.

Two horses in a field, the other side of the path through the trees.

Me, sat on a bench on the top of a cliff, looking out to sea.

Me, still sat on the bench, looking at the cliff edge.

Picture of a random house I saw from a field.

Some flowers I saw in a field.

A nice green fish my sister bought me for my birthday; sat on my coffee table.

The harbour at West Bay; dusk.

The river at West Bay, looking upstream, as it flows into the sea. Note the restaurant which sells fish!

Maisy and I. :)