Forget taking the Shortbus from now on…

This is great! A good friend of mine, Tavis Ormandy, sent me a bus ticket in the post. But it’s a special ticket. This for a specific bus, with a significance known only to those who use Unix.<

Bus X11.

Yay! Now, Tavis and I are huge fans of FVWM. So it was rather apt that we found this amusing. Think about it for a moment. Not only is it geeky in a way, but it could be seen as a metaphor. On bus X11, one has windows – these even have transparency by default (shudder). Then you, as a passenger are XClients – willing passengers on the bus who are mere participents in the overall scheme of things. I love it. It’s the sort of thing I find myself grinning at all the time. Of course the bus driver is a proprietry component; he demands money beforehand.

Here’s the ticket in question. I hope you find this as amusing as I have. :) (The important part has a green box around it.)

Bus X11 Ticket

Here’s some quotes:

07:26 <+ taviso> hehe, it has a driver and windows and everything

You can clearly see how enamored Tavis is with the whole concept. :)


Just in case you didn’t believe us…

– Thomas Adam